Mom & Daughter Yoga Workshop

A yoga workshop for moms and their girls aged 6 and up

This unique workshop is designed for moms (or other significant caregivers) and daughters (6 years and up) who would like to share some quality time learning about each other. During the workshop, you will work on some creative partner yoga poses, problem-solve your way through games and challenges, and deepen your bond for each other with breathing, reflection, and relaxation activities.

Investment: $50/pair

Upcoming Dates: April 22, 1:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Border Paving Athletic Centre, Spruce Grove

Customized Workshops

Yoga for youth groups

We create customized yoga workshops for your group. If you have a youth group or sports team who would like to learn about yoga and all the benefits it has to offer, we can come to you and a provide 45-60 minute class that is geared to your group's needs. You provide the kids and the space, we provide the poses, games, fun, and relaxation!

Investment: $60/45 minutes
                        $75/60 minutes
Contact us to book

Posing With Pals

A yoga workshop for kids and their favourite doll 

In this playful workshop, kids ages 5 and up will get to explore yoga and mindfulness with their favourite doll or stuffed animal. Posable dolls work best for this class but are not required. Each child will get to design, decorate, and take home their own mini yoga mat for their pal. Creative partner and group poses, games, breathing exercises, and exciting challenges will round out the rest of this unique workshop.

Investment: $35

Upcoming Dates: March 19, 10:00am-noon
Location: Border Paving Athletic Centre, Spruce Grove